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David Morgan

I’m 30 years old I have been transformed by the power of God ! I grew up with both my parents and a brother and sister I was an athlete in football marshal arts basketball baseball bmx Mx skateboarding and paintball I made straight As until I started using drugs and I started to sell and use drugs! I was in and outta jails prison for ten years and was enslaved to my own desires it was a tremendous struggle.....Then my life changed drastically now I am a child of the Most High God because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection and I have accepted Him as Lord and savior! I just recently started a new business and I’m looking for business partners my mentor is making $15,000 a month already after 5 months it’s an incredible ground floor opportunity with cutting edge Hemp that has new bio syncing technology and micronutrients that are truly changing lives you can get in now or regret it and get in 6 months or a year from now this company is exploding right now is the time

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